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A la Carte

The à la carte menu is renewed each month to offer always different flavors; where can I find delicious and traditional Overture, first acts of fresh pasta, second acts with the choice between fassone beef, poultry and game, and finally the grand finale with an assortment of cheeses, seasoned and blue-veined cheeses (someone with sloow food Presidium), combined with appropriate Langhe and cougnà honey, not forgetting the Celiacs and vegetarian dishes that will surely enrich our menuinstead for the more gluttonous a wide selection of cupcakes, desserts and chocolate fondue with fruit dips.

Our identity is the Bagna Caoda salted anchovies, olive oil, garlic and the anchovies together olive oil and blend the garlic cream dip for the Symphony of autumn vegetables raw and cooked

All year round you can enjoy the Piedmontese's fried mixture and Piedmontese bollito.Both very typical dish.


- Braised ravioli with meat ragout and sausages
- Little dumplings with beetroots bleue cheese
- Hen plin with langhe butter
- The lasagna with shrimp and artichoke hearts
- The au gratin donderet
- Tortello fondue cheese
- The risotto with castelmagno cheese with red wine sauce
- Truffles in our region


- The historic tofeja with lardellati croutons with herbs (Pasta and beans soupe with croutons)
- The "supa mitunà" (Onions soupe)


- Fillet of beef at caramel of Barolo
- Rabbit in pan-fried peppers
- Fillet of beef at mushrooms porcini
- Piemont boar in mais pudding
- Veal at artchokes with castelmagno fondue cheese
- Tometta cheese in savoy cabbage in a pastry crust with marinated ruchè pear
- Breast duck with leeks and potatoes
- Valdostana lamb chops
- Crunchy mushrooms porcini
- Sauteed with garlic e parsley mushrooms
- Mixed mushrooms porcini
- Regional truffles


- Cod with potatos and leeks souce
- Sword fish with green peppers


- The pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream and chestnut honey
- The grape Strawberry bavarois on chantilly cream
- The Turin chocolate fondue with fruit dips
- The hazelnut Parfait
- The bitter chocolate bomb with heart of Barolo chinato
- The cake of channel humps with calvados cream.